Comfort Slat Mat Solutions for Wisconsin

comfort slat mat options for WisconsinLocated in Elk Horn, IA, NextGen Group proudly serves the many cattle farmers in Wisconsin. We are happy to offer slats and slat mats from Comfort Slat Mats. These quality products allow us to help you customize your pit barn just the way you need it, and in return, keeping your livestock safe, while maximizing your cost savings.

You may be asking yourself how a pit barn can save you money. Let the professionals at NextGen Group show you how. First, by using slat mats, you will eliminate the need of bedding and the labor costs of hauling it, spreading it, scraping up the used bedding and then disposing of it. The time and inventory savings combine to lower your costs. Pit barns have a smaller footprint than bedded farms and open lots. Compare the twenty-one square feet per head to the hundred square feet needed for an open lot and you can see the difference is striking. A bedded barn falls about in the middle. Another benefit of a pit barn is that manure and urine are kept from washing away, minimizing the environmental impact of run-off and keeping the nutrients in the resulting manure.

Wisconsin Beef and Dairy Cattle Rubber Slat Mat Options

NextGen Group is happy to help you customize your pit barn options to meet the needs of you and your cattle. We offer slat mats for the following sizes of livestock:

  • Calves
  • Dairy Cattle
  • Average Cattle
  • Large Beef Cattle

Environmental safety and animal welfare are always a concern of ours and we will help you provide both, keeping your cattle safe and comfortable in Wisconsin. Our slat mats can reduce lameness and improve cleanliness, helping your bottom line when it comes time to take your cattle to market.

Feel free to contact us at NextGen Group anytime for more information about our line of Comfort Slat Mats. We look forward to helping you with all of your Wisconsin cattle farm needs.