Why Pit Barn?

Rubber Slat Mats for Pit BarnsThere are many benefits to installing a new pit barn with Comfort Slat Mats. The most obvious is the elimination of bedding cost. This cost savings is not only bringing bedding in, but also the cost of taking it out. Also eliminated is the weekly scrapping and labor involved. A pit coupled with Comfort Slat Mats maximizes nutrient retention of the urine & manure, while allowing the use of a more efficient and perhaps precise drag-line and injection methods of application. This benefit also reduces the risk of environmental issues, as the manure is in the ground and is less likely to wash away. Deep pitted barns also reduce your footprint and the average sq. ft. per head is around 21-22 sq. ft, compared to 40-45 with bedded barns, and hundreds of sq. ft. for open lots.

Quality Cattle Mats for Pit Barns

Rubber Matting for Pit BarnsWith Comfort Slat Mats unique design, the cattle stay extremely clean, which could provide premiums when they go to market. You are no longer limited to 120 days on slats, with Comfort Slat Mats, there are actually 3 different mats designs depending on the weight of cattle. For Example: Beef and Dairy Mat is best for 600 lbs plus, the Back-grounding mat or pink veal mat is for 300lb to 700lb animals, and the calf mat is for 100lb to 400lb animals. We believe a pitted barn allows for a better life, basically eliminating the weather factor from your chore schedule while leaving more time for things that matter, like family and enjoying life. I encourage you to go and talk with someone that has Comfort Slat Mats about their barn. Comfort Slat Mats have changed the game when it comes to slatted barns. Feel free to give us a call.