Comfort Slat Mat Solutions for Texas

Located in Elk Horn, Iowa, NextGen Group is happy to serve the many cattle farmers in Texas as well as the rest of the lower United States. We provide a safe, comfortable solution for both cattle and farmers looking to improve their livestock accommodations. That is why we choose to sell quality products from Comfort Slat Mats. These products, along with our experience, allow us to make sure that your pit barn is fitted with just the right kind of slats and slat mats to keep your cattle safe and maximize efficiency.

There are many different reasons that you should consider putting in a pit barn to keep your cattle protected and cut down on maintenance hassle for you. Some great benefits that come from pit barns fitted with comfort slat mats include:

  • Comfort Slat Mat Texas OptionsLower Costs: Because you eliminate the cost of bedding, this dramatically reduces the overall cost of caring for your cattle.
  • Smaller Footprint: Pit barns are able to contain a much larger ratio of sq. ft. per head, meaning that you can fit more cattle than you would in an open lot or bedded barn.
  • Environmentally Friendly: By keeping the manure and urine from washing away, pit barns provide less environmental risks.
  • Maximized Nutrients: Pit barns also help to contain manure and urine and to keep the maximum amount of nutrients to be later used for fertilizer.
  • Less Labor: Since you no longer have to scrape and haul bedding in and out, labor for you is greatly reduced by installing a pit barn.

These are a few of the reasons that pit barns with custom slats and Comfort Slat Mats are a great choice for your cattle operation, whether you have dairy cattle or beef cattle.

Texas Beef and Dairy Cattle Rubber Slat Mat Options

Another benefit that we provide is the means to customize your pitted barn slats and slat mats to suit the individual needs of your cattle. We offer a variety of different slat mats that work for large beef cattle, average-sized beef or dairy cattle, as well as calves. These options make it easy to find the right fit for your Texas cattle farm.

Comfort Slat Mats Green Floor System is carefully tested and patented to offer the best in both environmental and animal welfare categories. Not only will these rubber cattle mats make it easier for you to care for your cattle, but they will also keep your cattle comfortable, happy, and safe. These mats are cooler and contain a spring-loaded system that makes it easier on the cattle. These mats are able to reduce lameness caused by concrete slats and keep the cattle cleaner, which can help bring a larger return on cattle at the market.

Contact NextGen Group today to find out if your Texas cattle farm can benefit from a Comfort Slat Mat!