Introducing Strong Way Systems

Are you looking to find the right foundation for your new building? Does your building squeak or make noise? If you're looking for ways to improve your building, contact NextGen Group for Strong Way Systems. Strong Way Systems is an effective solution to preserving your post frame buildings and stabilizing columns. It is also used to repair collapsing post frames and prevent deterioration.

Strong Way Systems uses two repair solutions: Strong Way Sleeve and the Strong Way Column. Both solutions are designed to produce positive results and extend the life of your building.

Strong Way Sleeve

The Strong Way ColumnWhen post frame buildings deteriorate, they need to be repaired quickly to prevent further damage. The Strong Way Sleeve uses galvanized steel to strengthen failing columns back to life and increase the durability of existing structures.

Strong Way Sleeves offer the following benefits:

  • Made of galvanized steel to strengthen columns
  • Quick installation requiring little to no excavation
  • Clean, professional appearance
  • Installed by experts
  • Permanent, durable repair solution that will not rot, expand, or decay
  • More durable than other foundation systems

At NextGen Group, we can help save your building by offering Strong Way Systems. They are a great repair system that delivers the best results. Contact us today for more information.