Comfort Slat Mat Solutions for South Dakota

Located in Elk Horn in west-central Iowa, NextGen Group is home to the quality products made by Comfort Slat Mats. We have the solution for farmers looking to improve accommodations for their cattle. Our expertise, combined with these high-quality products, will ensure that your pit barn is fitted with the slats and slat mats you need for your particular situation.

There are several reasons for considering a pit barn fitted with Comfort Slat Mats:

  • comfort slat mat in South DakotaSmaller Footprint: Pit barns can contain twice as many cattle as a bedded barn and around five times as many head per square foot as an open lot.
  • Maximized Nutrients: One of the drawbacks to other methods of containment is the run-off of manure and urine. A slatted pit barn will contain the manure, keeping the nutrients in the resulting fertilizer.
  • Lower Costs: Comfort Slat Mats, means no bedding, so you save on the cost of purchasing that particular item.
  • Less Labor: And if there is no bedding you don't have to spend the time (or hire someone) to spread it, then scrape it up and dispose of it later. Double bonus!
  • Environmentally Friendly: As stated earlier, the manure and urine won't wash away, saving your water sources from being contaminated by run-off.

South Dakota Beef and Dairy Cattle Rubber Slat Mat Options

The experts at NextGen Group can customize our products to suit your needs, along with your cattle's. We provide slat and slat mats for any size livestock from large beef cattle to average-sized cattle to dairy cattle and calves. Environmental and animal welfare concerns are always at the top of our list and we work hard to keep your stock comfortable and safe.

Contact NextGen Group if you want a help in gaining a bigger investment when it comes to time to take your cattle to market. Our slat mats will protect your investment and benefit your South Dakota cattle farm.