Comfort Slat Mat Solutions for Nebraska

If you have a cattle farm in Nebraska, you may want to consider investing in a pit barn instead of a bedded barn or an open lot. This type of housing can give your cattle the protection and comfort that they need to stay healthy while making things easier on you at the same time. NextGen Group can help improve your cattle farming business by providing you with high-quality slat mats for your pit barn in Nebraska

Comfort Slat Mats Nebraska OptionsWe offer Comfort Slat Mats, which are a great solution to keep the cattle on your farm safe, comfortable, and healthy all while minimizing costs and labor for you. Some advantages that Comfort Slat Mats have over bare concrete slats and over the competition are:

  • Curved floor reduces waste buildup
  • Fixed to floor with spring-loaded system
  • Reduces cattle lameness and injury
  • Better heat detection with green or white mats
  • Increases milk yield of dairy cows
  • Durable materials are long-lasting
  • Keeps floor dryer and cleaner
  • Keeps calves and cattle cleaner and healthier
  • Reduces ammonia up to 40%

These are some of the great benefits that you can take advantage of by investing in a Comfort Slat Mat installed by the professional team at NextGen Group. We can put in a mat that is perfect for whatever type of cows you have in your pit barn - dairy, large beef, or calf, and will keep clean and dry throughout the seasons.

Nebraska Beef and Dairy Cattle Rubber Slat Mat Options

Our goal is to make your life easier by providing you with a safe, efficient, environmentally friendly, and economical way to take care of your livestock. That is why we offer Comfort Slat Mats for your pitted barns. Keeping your cattle in a pitted barn fitted with the proper slat mats eliminates the need for bedding, keeps the entire area cleaner and drier, and cuts down significantly on the amount of labor that you need to do each say. This leaves you time to stop worrying about your livestock - you know they are safe and happy - and to focus on family and other more important things.

Because we seek to cater to each individual cattle farmer, we offer several different kinds of slat mats that work for different kinds and sizes of cattle. Larger cattle around 600lbs plus can benefit from the Beef and Dairy Mat while 300lb-700lb cattle fit the Pink Veal Mat perfectly. We even offer a Calf Mat for young cattle from 100-400lbs.

You can get the best in pitted barn slat mats from NextGen Group for your Nebraska cattle farm. Contact us right away to learn more about how we can improve the lives of both you and your cattle.