Comfort Slat Mat Solutions for Minnesota

NextGen Group, located in Elk Horn, IA is proud to offer a comfortable and safe option for both farmers and their cattle. In our opinion, Comfort Slat Mats has the best product out there for ensuring your cattle are safe and you are able to work efficiently and effectively. Make sure your pit barn is lined with the right kind of slats and slat mats for your needs.

Some things to think about while considering installing a pit barn for your cattle in Minnesota are such things as:

  • Comfort Slat Mat in MinnesotaEnvironmentally Friendly: Pit Barns keep manure and urine from washing away into nearby streams or other water sources, providing less environmental risks from run-off.
  • Less Labor Intensive: By using NextGen Group, you and your employees won't have to continually haul bedding in and out of the enclosure, saving you both time and money.
  • Lower Costs: Slat mats eliminates the need for bedding, reducing yet another cost associated with your Minnesota cattle.
  • Maximized Nutrients: As stated earlier, manure and urine don't wash away, so the maximum amount of nutrients will be in the fertilizer you use later.
  • Smaller Footprint: You can fit more cattle in your pit barn per square foot than in other enclosures. For example, an open lot needs over a hundred square feet per head and a bedded barn needs around forty-five square feet, whereas a pit barn needs just over twenty square feet.

Minnesota Beef and Dairy Cattle Rubber Slat Mat Options

The professionals at NextGen Group can work with you to ensure you have the option best suited for your needs. We have mats for large beef cattle, average cattle, dairy cattle, and calves. We want you to have the best solution for your Minnesota cattle farm.

The mats we offer from Comfort Slat Mats are carefully tested and patented to give you the best environmental answer for you and your cattle and provides you high-quality animal welfare. Our slats will keep your cattle safe, comfortable and contented. Another benefit is a reduction in lameness and an increase in cleanliness, giving you a bigger return on your investment when it comes to market time.

To find out if your Minnesota cattle farm can benefit from Comfort Slat Mats, contact NextGen Group today!