Comfort Mats

Comfort Mats for Cattle Slats

Comfort Slat Mats Green Floor System is the only tested and approved patented mat in the world that addresses both animal welfare and the environment. It is the only mat that has a smooth curve on the top that promotes the animal waste to the slots resulting in a cleaner, dryer and healthier animal. It is also the only mat in the world that sits into the slots/gaps and is held down by a spring loaded system which ensures that the cattle manure does not get underneath the mat. Another benefit is that mats can come in white for areas that get a lot of sun, this has been shown to be 50 degrees cooler than a black mat. These mats are compatible with many slat brands. There are many benefits including:

  • Curved to Flat Floor
  • Unique Fixing System
  • Dryer & Cleaner Floor
  • Reduce Ammonia up to 40%
  • Reduce Lameness
  • Increased Milk Yield
  • Better Heat Detection
  • Hard Wearing & Durable Improved Calves Welfare & Hygiene


For dairy cattle that are on slats 100% of the time, Comfort Slat Mat are a necessity. Comfort Slat Mats will significantly reduce the lameness caused by bare concrete. This should increase the useful life of the cows and there for milk production. The unique curved features of the mat allow manure and urine to go into the pit very quickly, which results in a cleaner, dryer floor that will help in preventing the spread of bacteria and mastitis. The gripping properties of these mats also allow for better heat detection, for example: A cow that is not comfortable with their footing is less likely to mount, a cow with good footing will be more likely to mount, which is a sign that they could be in heat.

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Comfort Slat Mats will significantly reduce lameness caused by the typical bare concrete slat. Because of the unique design, the cattle are more comfortable and confident, therefore will go to the bunk more often, as well as lay down more. Because of these properties, you will see a significant increase in feed efficiencies once the mats are installed. The unique curved properties of the mat will keep your cattle much cleaner in both the summer and winter. In fact in the winter when the manure freezes on the mats, the flex of the mat will cause the manure to break off the mat and fall into the pit, leaving mats extremely clean. Comfort Slat Mats are one of the quickest returns on investment in agriculture.

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Comfort Slat Mat introduces into the market the only Super Soft & Eco-Friendly Slat Mat that addresses both calf welfare and protects the environment. The Calf Green Floor System is the result of extensive R&D to meet the ever increasing demands by both Farmers & the animal welfare lobby to improve the welfare of calves housed on slats. The calf mats are softer than the Dairy and Beef mats, in order for the calves to be able to sink into the mat to get their grip. The Mat also addresses, for the first time by any rubber mat, the major issue of achieving reductions in the ammonia emissions from the slatted floors. When urine and manure mix, ammonia is created, the curved properties of the mat get the manure and urine into the pit before they have much of a chance to mix. The smooth surface allows for easy power washing and sanitizing between each group.

Check out our YouTube page to see these mats in action.

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