Slat Mats and Uddermatic Systems in California

Slat Mats

Because California is one of the largest dairy producers in the country, it is important that California dairy farmers are able to keep their cattle healthy and happy. Our goal here at NextGen Group is to do just that. We provide cattle farmers in California and across America with slat mats for pit barns that help keep their cattle comfortable and happy and maximize efficiency for the entire operation. Contact us right away if you have a pit barn that needs fitted with a slat mat, or if you are considering putting in a pit barn.

California Comfort Slat MatsInstead of a bedded barn or an open lot, consider having a pit barn put in. Putting in a pit barn reduces the footprint since you can fit more cattle safely into a smaller space. It also cuts down on your workload since you will not have all of that bedding to change out and clean all the time.

We offer Comfort Slat Mats for pit barns to give you several advantages over bare concrete slats, such as:

  • Green/white mats provide better heat detection
  • Comfort Mats keep floors drier and cleaner
  • Mats reduce cattle injury or lameness
  • Curving of floor reduces waste buildup
  • Spring-loaded system is more comfortable for cattle
  • Mats increase milk yield for dairy cows
  • Allow for calves to be kept cleaner and healthier
  • Reduces ammonia by up to 40%

These are just some of the benefits that come from investing in a slat mat from NextGen Group. We have all sorts of solutions that fit your individual needs and the needs of your cattle.

California Dairy and Beef Cattle Rubber Slat Mat Options

If you are looking for a way to keep your cattle comfortable and increase milk yield while also minimizing stress and work for yourself, investing in slat mats for your pit barn is a great choice. These mats keep your pitted barn cleaner and drier, reducing the work you have to do to keep your cattle healthy and happy. This means that you have more free time to spend doing things other than work and focusing on your family and other priorities instead.

Offering many different kinds of slat mats helps us suit your individual needs. The Beef and Dairy Mat is great for larger cattle that are 600lbs plus. For cattle from 300-600lbs, the Pink Veal Mat is the right choice. We also offer a Calf Mat for smaller and younger cattle from 100-400lbs. All of these mats are not only efficient, but also environmentally friendly, since they help contain waste and reduce environmental hazards.

Uddermatic Feeding System

At NextGen Group, we provide calf feeders for farmers and livestock owners in the state of California. Our milk feeding system has the ability to feed mutliple cattle, while providing flexible feeding intervals. Using the feeding system, improves animal health and labor efficiency. Your calves will double their birth weight so you can have thriving, active calves, kids and lambs.

The Uddermatic Feeding System includes: A150 Stationary Feeder and A150T Rail Feeder. Both feeders provide the following benefits:

  • Rugged, durable design
  • Frequent feedings
  • Minimal labor for the operator
  • Cost effective

For all of your slat mat and milk feeding needs in California, call the experts at NextGen Group today. We offer effective products to improve both your life and the lives of your cattle. To learn more about our services, visit our website or give our team a call right away.