Comfort Slat Mat introduces into the livestock housing market the only Super Soft & Eco-Friendly Slat Mat that addresses both calf welfare and protects the environment. The Calf Green Floor System is the result of extensive R&D to meet the ever-increasing demands to reduce cost and labor for farmers, while improving the health and comfort of calves housed on slats. The calf mats are softer than the Dairy and Beef mats in order for the calves to be able to sink into the mat to get a better footing.

calf slat matNextGen Group is proud to announce that we have the first rubber mat that solves the major issue of achieving reductions in the ammonia emissions from slatted floors. When urine and manure mix, ammonia is created, however the curved properties we designed into the mat get the manure and urine into the pit before they have much of a chance to mix. The smooth surface allows for easy power washing and sanitizing between each group, providing your calves a safe and comfortable environment.

Our Calf Slat Mats are made of durable materials that will hold up well for years to come. In addition, you will save money by not having to purchase bedding and paying someone to spread it and then clean up the waste. Feel free to contact NextGen Group with any questions or to get more information.

Please visit our YouTube page to learn more about our mats.